#4 Name for groups of Fish

fish_hookWhile researching for terms (the names for groups of various animals, etc) I found lists  – so I thought I’d share. This week it is fish — and there weren’t that many:


  • Fish in general: A draft, nest, school, shoal (some authors claim that the common “school” is a corruption of shoal, and therefore incorrect)
  • Bass: A shoal
  • Herring: An army
  • Sharks: A shiver
  • Trout: A hover


I think a shiver of sharks is my favorite, although facing an army of herring might be daunting. 🙂



2 thoughts on “#4 Name for groups of Fish

    • Aubrey,
      Thanks for stopping by. I like “shiver” for sharks because if I saw a group of them heading toward me … I would definitely shiver and a whole lot more.

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