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So just realized that I didn’t summarize all the wonderful and ‘other’ events of 2013 (probably because very little exceptional did happen). So in this (a belated post), in no particular order, are the ‘memorables’:

Both our ferrets (Smiley and Happy) died in 2013. They were quite elderly and had lived longer than ferrets usually do.

TazOur Taz-Dog died. He, too, was quite elderly and had been blind for several years. Blindness/going blind was difficult for him since he did earn his name for the “Tazmanian Devil” whirl he would do when he got excited. There was nothing that he loved more than racing around at full speed throughout the yard. Blindness and going slow was quite difficult for him to adjust to.

I already summarized my wonderful experience with computer repair people in another post.

Hubbers had his surgery and all seems to be going well (surgery was successful).

Son finished army intel school and was assigned to a duty station in Hawaii (he asked for Alaska — go army).

I had a small health issue occurance, and at hubber’s insistence, went to a doctor for the first time in 10-15 years. [I don’t like going to doctors.] Once you go they “find stuff” so you get to keep going back AND visit other specialists, have tests run, etc. [Did I say I dislike going to doctors and taking medicine? – It isn’t that I don’t appreciate what they do, I am glad they are there. I just don’t like going.] I think they must be keeping a colony of vampires in fresh blood with all that they take from people.

Scroll_Quill_BlueI released four stories/novelettes out into the wild, and submitted a work to a publisher.

We had lovely weather most of the year – I like my seasons and during 2013 they were each nicely distinct from one another.

So overall – not much exciting happened last year!



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  1. I am so sorry to hear about Smiley, Happy and Taz. Our pets become part of the family. It’s amazing how they can have such unique personalities. It’s difficult watching them age but amazing at how they will adapt. Much better than us whiny humans. My old lab mix lost his hearing. We went to sign language and he picked up it quickly. Your Taz sounds like a wonderful and entertaining dog.
    When my father-in-law passed two years ago, my husband thought it would be easier if our old wolfhound, Nana and my first horse, Bunny all went at the same time. But I don’t know. Loss is loss. Nana went last year and I considered her a comfort throughout the first year of grief.
    Nana went last year in her sleep but Bunny is still kicking, literally. 🙂

    • Aubrey
      It is sad with pets. Taz dog was truly unique in the world 🙂

      The one dog trainer we used to train the German Shepherd and the English Mastiff insisted that every verbal command (sit, stay, etc) have its own unique hand signal to match it. After that we started using those with all the dogs so they all know them. Sorry about your father-in-law and Nana. Fantastic idea about using sign-language – so clever.

      Thanks for stopping by.

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