14 years ago today – 09/11/2001

A day I will never forgot. That morning, when we turned on the TV, the first building had just been hit. We watched live as the 2nd plane struck. Back then, we listened/watched the morning news while getting ready for work.

Since I was self-employed (working from my home), the TV was on all day. I logged onto an internet chat room I frequented and one of the “regulars” was there. I was surprised because she was from Brooklyn. Turns out she was at work and they had no phone service, TV access etc. She and her co-workers had no idea what was happening other than something happened to the Twin Towers. So I spent the afternoon (between work etc) keeping her updated.

No words can adequately express the emotions of that morning and during the following days.



4 thoughts on “14 years ago today – 09/11/2001

  1. I was at work and a TV was turned on in a conference room. I remember even watching it over and over on the TV I still found it so hard to believe it was true.

    • I had the news on all day (we woke up and saw the 2nd tower hit) … couldn’t believe the pictures or the stories on the news.

      I was surprised that the person I was in chat with was in an office about a block or 2 away and had no idea what had happened. They had all been told to stay inside and that’s all they knew.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. None of us will forget where we were that day. Our principal wheeled a television into the lounge so we could keep up with news throughout the day. The poor little ones all knew something was wrong. Half the staff had red eyes. No teaching was done that day.

    • I agree that most Americans will remember where they were that day. There have been two days like that in my life so far: 11/22/1963 & 09/11/2001, but 09/11/2001 had the biggest impact on my life.

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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