10/27 – Snippet Sunday

Last week’s snippet with more sentences added 🙂 Hope you enjoy!


bluebirdThe pounding of a fist on his door jarred Ranger Captain Kaden awake as the bells tolled two candlemarks to midnight. At his command, “Come” the door slammed open so hard it bounced off the wall.

A breathless orderly shouted between pants, “Messenger bird comin’, Prince Kaden.”

He jumped from his bed. “Calm down, lad. Soften your voice or you’ll have everyone awake, if you haven’t woke them already. And I’ve told you before, it’s Capt’n, not Prince.”

By the flickering light of the orderly’s torch, Kaden threw on black breeches and matching tunic, and stomped feet into boots. He strode out to the hallway, snatching the torch from the younger man as he passed. His boots thudded on the wooden hallway. Kaden dashed up the stairs, taking two at a time. Reaching the top of the Stormmir Ranger Station’s main guard tower, Kaden slipped the torch in the bracket by the door. He nodded to Sergeant Brelad, a mage with the gift of animal-speech.

Unwilling to distract the man in the event he was speaking with the messenger bird, Kaden waited until Brelad nodded in return before stepping onto the roof.

“Morn’n Capt’n. I sent a man to wake you when her first sending roused me. And I dispatched a trainee to bring food for the beastie. She’ll be here soon. She’s coming from the Ranger Station up on Kier’s border with Klatinan.”



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