10/06 – WeWriWa

Opening scene from Jezrei’s Justice:

Jezei's_Justice_AlduraThe war chants of the enemy barbarians and the pounding of thousands of feet marching to the deep bass beat of their drums woke Jezrei at dawn. Two candlemarks later the thud of catapult stones and the boom of battering rams slamming the city’s gates added their voices to the cacophony of sound flooding the city. Long before mid-day those sounds diminished, replaced by crackling flames, collapsing buildings and the screams of Kalieri dying in the City of Azraelis.

Jezrei tottered around the confines of the chapel in the Temple of Azrael. Sadness lined his face and hovered in his eyes as frail, age-spotted hands caressed the familiar furnishings. His fingers trailed along the backrests of cedar benches worn smooth from long use by the faithful, and traced the vine chiseled into the side of the stark, white stone altar—a vine without beginning or end symbolizing the continuity of the spirit throughout the planes of existence. A glowing, blue crystal replica of Aldura’s Heart sat on the corner of the Altar. It comforted him and chased away fears and worries.


(WeWriWa) is a group of writers who agree to post 8 sentences of either a published work or an unpublished work on their blog on Sunday. Those who have signed up (and anyone else) has the pleasure of traveling (virtually) to samples of different authors’ stories, novels etc. Great fun!

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26 thoughts on “10/06 – WeWriWa

  1. Really nice setup for worldbuilding; I get the sense you worked out the details before starting to write, and you know exactly what everything looks like and how the city’s laid out. Your characterization is 3-D, very easy to connect with. Great job with this!

    • Marcia
      Thanks for stopping by and so glad you liked it. In truth I’m a pantser – so no it wasn’t worked out before-hand [of course pantsing means backtracking many times to fill in gaps :-)]

  2. I love the measured pace of this opening, even though it’s talking about chaos and destruction. It makes me feel like Jezrei will be a measured person himself. Great snippet 🙂

    • Alex,
      Thanks for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed it and the pacing. Jezrei is an interesting figure and has been “niggling” at me recently that he wants more than just this one story.

  3. Wow, an amazing excerpt. I never read anything from the standpoint of a person who has to wait out the invasion of their city…quite moving. Excellent excerpt.

    • Veronica
      So glad you enjoyed. Would be difficult to “sit and wait” (like military wives/families do). Thanks for stopping by.

    • Sue
      Thanks for stopping by and for the great catch (bad me). My problem is from growing up fishing and with a father who LOVED fishing – bass ALWAYS = a fish.

      Hope you enjoyed.

  4. Wow! That’s a lot going on. I’m looking forward to more of this story. Well done!

    • Teresa
      So glad you liked it 🙂 The “age spotted hands” comes from when I was a kid – my great-aunt lived with us and her hands fascinated me. I would always compare her hands to mine and wonder about the “spots”. Probably focused on her hands because even when sitting and resting she was doing something. She was never an idle person so she would sit and crochet.

      • Isn’t it neat the, the things that stick with us through our lives. And here, your aunt’s hands have inspired a mention in a book. I often think of my grandmother’s hands. Old, gnarled, half crippled with arthritis and age, but mostly just worn out from a lifetime of hard work. Inspiration…so varied. 🙂

    • Linda
      Thanks for stopping by. Yes he does (its his job) 🙂 Sorry I cannot return the favor but I still cannot leave comments on your site – have no idea what the issue is.

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