8 Sentences from: Kaserie’s Choice

Kaserie_sample_croppedThank you for stopping by. Kaserie is an eighteen year old Kalieri who was enslaved by the enemy (the Halurdow) when she was age ten and they conquered her home city of Azraelis. During that battle she watched her mother killed and believes her father died also. She is kept isolated from all others except while performing her duties as a slave at an Halurdow run tavern/inn.The previous excerpts can be found here and here. This will be the last snippet posted from this story. Hope you enjoy.


Kaserie nibbled the food, savoring the warm softness of fresh bread. She leaned against the wall in her dark corner, wondering if, garbed totally in brown, she blended into the woodwork. Her blonde hair and green eyes wouldn’t, but when the helpers glanced in her direction what did they see? Did they even notice her?

Assigned to the Boar’s Breath Inn as the kitchen slave, she had barely managed four candlemarks of sleep a night after finishing her duties. She smothered a yawn. In truth the time at work proved more pleasant than sitting alone in her room at the barracks with only thoughts and memories and fear. She allowed herself a small sigh, not enough to even flutter the veil slaves were forced to wear to cover all but their eyes and hair.


(WeWriWa) is a group of writers who agree to post 8 sentences of either a published work or an unpublished work on their blog on Sunday. Those who have signed up (and anyone else) has the pleasure of traveling (virtually) to samples of different authors’ stories, novels etc. Great fun!


Previous excerpt can be found here.


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  1. Nice job Susan, I’m glad to know she’s going to get a chance to be more than a slave from the hints you’ve tossed out : )

  2. The life of a slave, blending in and hoping she continues to do so. This snippet draws on the imagination, showing so much and letting the reader “see” the rest in the mind.

  3. Nice snippet! It raises a bunch of questions, and leaves the reader wanting more. Just enough hints that she’s different–the isolation is a weird thing to do to a slave, when it makes more sense from a monetary perspective to work them until they drop.

  4. So many questions raised here, but my most important one is what’s going to happen to her? This is definitely the kind of story I’d like to read. Good 8!

    • Frank
      Thanks for stopping by and glad you enjoyed! Tongue in cheek she points to the side panel — there’s the whole story for sale on Amazon 🙂

    • Hi, Veronica,
      Thanks for stopping by and glad you enjoyed. Her life definitely changes immediately following this one.

  5. Even though the character is just sitting and thinking, there’s a lot of emotion here. She’s definitely a sympathetic character. If working as a slave in the kitchen is more pleasant that sitting in her room, she must have some really bad memories that haunt her!

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