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8 Sentences from: Kaserie’s Choice

Kaserie_sample_croppedThank you for stopping by. These are the opening lines which give the reader an idea of the condition of Kaserie’s life. Hope you enjoy.

Kaserie’s shoulders bowed beneath the weight of two large buckets of water. She braced to avoid spillage as she maneuvered through the doorway of the inn’s kitchen. Once inside, she turned, cracking her shin against a stack of firewood. The thudding of logs rolling and tumbling from the pile drowned out her muttered oath. A cuff from Cook’s beefy hand jarred her head and Kaserie bit back a yelp of pain. She stumbled, spilling water.

Cook stood, jaw outthrust and hands lodged on her broad hips. “Careful, you filthy Kalieri slave,” she snarled, “mop up your mess, restack the wood, then finish filling the water-barrel.”


(WeWriWa) is a group of writers who agree to post 8 sentences of either a published work or an unpublished work on their blog on Sunday. Those who have signed up (and anyone else) has the pleasure of traveling (virtually) to samples of different authors’ stories, novels etc. Great fun!




24 thoughts on “07/14 – WeWriWa

    • Sue ann
      Thanks for stopping by and reading. I’m honored–knowing it couldn’t be easy for you.

  1. Nice job, Susan. This snippet is packed full of information, but you’ve infused it seamlessly. Wonderful! 🙂

    I didn’t post, this week. I’m just out making my rounds, visiting others. I didn’t want anyone going to my blog and searching for my post. Have a wonderful week! 🙂

    • Hi, Veronica
      Glad you stopped by for a read and caught the misery – as with all things – gets a bit more tense before things turn around.

  2. pretty miserable life. Hope it’s not forever. Well it wouldn’t be, would it? otherwise you wouldn’t have a story ! (from yet another Susan)

    • Hi, Sue,
      Thanks for stopping by – and now it isn’t forever but things get even a bit worse before they improve. Hope you enjoyed.

  3. Ouch, what a nasty way to live! She seems used to it but I bet she dreams of getting out. Nice job with this.

  4. Immediately I could feel as if I were walking in Kaserie’s footsteps… your description filled nearly all of my senses. I’m wanting Kaserie to find justice, even in her lowly position as a slave. You definitely know how to draw your reader right into the heart of your character!

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