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celtic-knot8 Sentences from: Loyalties

Thank you for stopping by. These sentences immediately follow last week’s #8. Hope you enjoy.

His welcome became a grunt when he jerked back and attempted to dodge her swing—knowing the minute her blade moved, his reaction would be too slow. The tingle of her magic shielded his neck from the sharp blade, and he gasped in relief.

“Clovis, you’re still the same blunder-head you were fifteen years ago. Never, ever distract me when I’m in a sword fight unless you want to part with a piece of your body. Remember, the fight is not finished until the victor’s weapon is sheathed, or everyone is dead.” Dryn rammed her sword home in its scabbard.

“Blunder-head? You weren’t calling me that back then,” Clovis objected.


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19 thoughts on “06/16/2013 – WeWriWa

  1. Oh my goodness, I want to laugh at that last line but I suspect Clovis might be a little bit hurt by her reaction. The characters come across very real in this piece 🙂

    • Hi, Marcia
      Glad you stopped by and commented. The last line doesn’t quite mean what I think everyone thinks it means. The “back then” was when Clovis was 12 and did some awesome mage stuff.

    • J. Rose
      Thanks for stopping by – so glad you enjoyed the read, and yep for Clovis it was Very lucky.

    • Hi, Veronica
      Glad you liked it and yes – Dryn is all nails (and mush–but don’t tell anyone). Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

    • Elaine
      Glad you stopped by for a read. It wasn’t romantic 🙁 they met in the midst of a battle for survival of their people. Hope you enjoyed.

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