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Happy Mother’s Day!

An excerpt from On Treason’s Trail- a fantasy novella. 

OTT_AlduraDisorientation accompanied Glason’s descent into the chaos of the Chorkan’s memories, and required a moment’s pause to regain mental balance. The blue pulse of his power glinted against the putrid green, dismal gray and deepest black of the dying man’s thoughts. He sifted through the man’s mind, fighting the overwhelming emotion of hatred of the Twin Gods’ followers–searching for threads of memories related to Bennie’s murder and the plots of the Dark God’s followers. He collected and stored any he found for closer inspection later. Glason lifted his hand from the man’s forehead, wiped it on his trousers, and shuddered from the vileness he’d encountered. A nod signaled the others he had finished.

Oren asked, “Should we take the Chorkan traitor with us or leave him?”

“Leave him. I doubt if even your healing skills could keep him alive until he reached Wolfwatch,” Glason whispered. “These men were involved in Bennie’s murder and this one confirmed Bennie’s warning of Chorkan traitors in Glenwald.”


(WeWriWa) is a group of writers who agree to post 8 sentences of either a published work or an unpublished work on their blog on Sunday. Those who have signed up (and anyone else) has the pleasure of traveling (virtually) to samples of different authors’ stories, novels etc. Great fun!



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    • Thanks for stopping by – I tried to return the favor but (for whatever reason) there was no way to comment on your post.

  1. Very nice! I really like his ability to collect the thoughts of the dying man, sift through them, and even store them for later for closer inspection. Nice! 🙂

  2. Well done! I can picture the darkness he feels from the other man. My first fantasy is coming out on Tuesday, but it’s a romantic fantasy. It’s called The Enchanted.

    • Thanks for visiting and the comment. Glad you liked it. I’ll be watching for “the Enchanted” on Amazon (I do like romance also – but haven’t gotten up the nerve to try to write it.

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