03/17 – Weekend Writing Warriors

An excerpt from Fire Vision:

T8SentenceSundayhey come! In the flames she saw them. Dread curled her stomach, tightened her shoulders, and pounded inside her head. All wore the red and yellow of official Council emissaries. They numbered twenty in all: eighteen warriors and two Mages. Karath led them. She recognized him from the years she spent under Council training. The other mage looked familiar, but …Β 

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16 thoughts on “03/17 – Weekend Writing Warriors

  1. Your description of fear is so right on…Dread curled her stomach, tightened her shoulders, and pounded inside her head. I hope there is a friend among them or at least someone who is not hostile. My shoulders are tight just reading this.

    • Thank you for stopping by and for the marvelous compliment. And no – no friends in this bunch. πŸ™

    • Thanks for stopping by and reading. Glad you liked it and hope you visit again. [Not as tense as the situation your two MCs are in in your snippet.]

    • She hopes not – she ran out of tea and only has coffee. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. Hope to see you again.

    • Thank you for both the visit and your kind words about the 8Sentences. I appreciate your dropping by and hope you return in the future.

    • Thanks for visiting and your comment. I hadn’t thought of that connection between the uniforms and the fire.

    • Summer – thanks for visiting and your kind words. All encouragement appreciated πŸ™‚

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